BSNL Recruitment 2019: 9th of May, EPFL SV2510, 18:00

We are recruiting!

BioScience Network Lausanne (or BSNL for those in the know) is a PhD student and Postdoc association from EPFL and UNIL, aiming to promote career development of young researchers in Life Sciences. We organize various events to explore career opportunities, acquire new skills, and develop a professional network. Ultimately, we aspire to bridge the gap between academia, industry, and society.

Our main events include:

If you are eager to organize exciting events, acquire new skills along the way, expand your network and work in a dynamic team, then we are looking exactly for you and you are looking for us but you might not know it yet!

Join us in our next recruitment session on: Thursday May 9, 6pm at EPFL in room SV2510After the “formal” meeting we can go and share drinks 😉

As we have more and more events and collaborations, we would like to expand our team for marketing and communication! If you are passionate about design, photography or filming, or if you can’t stay away from internet and social mediaWE NEED YOU! Besides, event organizers are always needed and everyone who has some great ideas and motivation is more than welcome!

Please confirm your participation by filling in this form:

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your BSNL team,


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