Data Visualization and Scientific Illustration Workshop, September 27th, October 4th and 11th, EPFL

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In Brief: Life Science Career Day 2017

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For the first time, the Life Science Career Day was organized on a weekday, but it did not discourage PhD students and post-docs from participating and exploring the career possibilities available in life sciences!


This 6th edition attracted more than 300 participants that could network with more than 50 delegates from companies, associations and institutions. During the 3 symposia, more than 20 speakers from industry (Incyte, Nestlé, Novartis, …), public administration (Federal Institute of IP, CHUV, …) and non-profit organizations (AO Foundation) inspired the audience.

During LSCD 2017 there were 100 CV checks, 30 CV photos, 6 mock interviews and 2 workshops on career-related topics…. all of that in one day! So don’t miss LSCD 2018!

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Florian Udry (text) and Marjan Biočanin (pictures)

Company Visit: Nestlé Research Center (NRC), 23rd of August, Lausanne

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Dear colleagues,

Are you interested to learn more about career opportunities for Life Scientists at Nestlé? If so, you should join our upcoming company visit at the Nestlé Research Center.

Nestlé Research Center (NRC) was inaugurated in June 1987. Today NRC employs 600 people including over 250 scientists from 50 nationalities driving science and technology, from basic nutrition and health research to applied research for product development and application.

The aim of this visit is to promote interactions among researchers in industry and PhD students and postdocs from EPFL and UNIL. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know the research performed at Nestlé, visit the laboratories, and discuss their scientific research and career opportunities at Nestlé.

When: 23rd of August 2017, 13h-18h

Where: Nestec Centre De Recherches Nestlé, Route du Jorat 57, 1000 Lausanne

 Tentative program:

  • 13h15 Arrival at the NRC
  • 13h30-14h15 NRC introduction by Jörg Spieldenner.
  • 14h20-15h30 Visit of the Nestlé laboratories
  • 15h30-16h00 Career opportunities at Nestlé
  • 16h00-16h30 Presentation of the research performed at Nestlé
  • 16h30-18h00 Poster session presented by PhD students and postdocs (EPFL/UNIL). Apero offered by Nestlé and informal discussions with Nestlé scientists and a recruiter.

Registration: Register here, poster abstract is required. Places are limited to 20 participants.

NB: The organizing committee will select participants based on their poster abstracts, priority will be given to abstract topics relevant to the research performed at the NRC (see the registration form). The results of the selection will be communicated by 14th of August.

Yours faithfully,

BSNL team – Ekaterina and Elena


BSNL Family has Two New Members!

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Newbies at the 1st BSNL retreat!

Fresh blood and open minds just joined BSNL! They showed their commitment by following us in the Berner Oberland, joining the 1st BSNL retreat ever, and shined for their ideas during the brainstorming session. Please welcome our new members, Erica and Petar!

Erica Reggi

Originally coming from Ticino, Erica studied at UNIL and is now a PhD student at the DPT-UNIL. When she is not taking care of her beloved/hatred cells, she is hiking, cooking or reading. Don’t try to plan anything during winter weekends, as you may only find her on the powder, skiing or snowboarding! She joined BSNL in order to learn more about job opportunities in industry and what exactly these jobs entail on an everyday basis. That’s why she would like to create a new column on our website: “A day in the life of…”.



“To start a career in life science industries is not always easy. BSNL gives the amazing chance to expand your network and to learn more about job opportunities. This is what pushed me to become a BSNL member”



Petar Šćepanović

Born in Montenegro, Petar studied in Turin, Italy. He is now doing his PhD at the EDBB of
EPFL. Throughout his jobs and studies, he specialized in bioinformatics and in particular in Human genomics.


Of entrepreneurial spirit, Petar wants to take part in organizing events that could be helpful to students in understanding the world of start-ups and translating their ideas into the market.

Stay tuned to hear more about their adventures!

By Jana Majerska & Norine Voisin



Meet Our New Crew!

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Meet Our New Crew!

In the past few months, we had to bid a farewell to several amazing members whose promising careers took them elsewhere. We would love to thank them for their contribution and wish them the absolute best for their future.

Fortunately, it did not take us long to fill the vacancies. So let us welcome and introduce the newest members of our team…

Adamandia Kapopoulou

Mado is a senior bioinformatician, thrilled to join the BSNL crew. After 10 years of work experience at EBI Cambridge UK and EPFL, Mado enrolled into the PhD programme in population genetics and became a representative of her doctoral school (EDBB). She has joined the BSNL communication team, with the main focus on web development and design.Mado“I was really impressed by the professionalism and organisation of BSNL and I’m eager to be part of such enthusiastic team!”

Donovan Duc

After finishing his studies at UNIL, Donovan is doing his PhD in neuroimmunology at CHUV. He is excited to organize stimulating events, and eager to meet new people and expand his network. When he is not busy with event management, you can probably find him doing sports with his friends, or playing with his camera.


“I think the university struggles to inform students about their future possibilities and have difficulty to improve bridges between academia and companies. Therefore, your association is definitely​ important to maintain this trend of interactions outside academia, to offer interesting events to discover career in life science and to give the possibility of networking with people from various fields.” 

Lidia Lacruz

Lidia is pumped to bring a bit of Spanish joy to our team. She is doing her PhD in forensic genetics, registered at the FBM and working at the CHUV near Epalinges. Lidia is determined to add the field of forensic sciences to our next Life Science Career Day, and co-organize several other events.

Lidia“I attended LSCD in May and I was impressed by the organization…. I’m only in my first year of PhD, but I’m already attracted by the non-academic career path. For this reason, I believe that being a BSNL member could help me improve my communication, management and networking skills.” 

Roberto Colotti

Roberto is a PhD student with a vision of his future in life science industry or consulting. With the mindset to include case interview preparation among BSNL activities, Roberto would like to organize a workshop on the basics of business, as well as a back-to-back meeting platform. On top of that, he plans to create a data repository of useful resources, tools and materials.

I only have one year remaining before I complete my PhD, but I nonetheless hope to fit your needs…Thinking out of the box, I believe that in your association there would be room to organize something about case interview preparation…This is particularly relevant to me personally, as consulting is probably one of the thing that I would like to do after my PhD.”


Welcome again and all the best for your BSNL’s adventure!

By Jana Majerska

Biotech Chat – Start-ups in Life Sciences, July 11th 2017, CE1 100 at EPFL

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Dear colleagues,

Are you interested to learn more about career opportunities for Life Scientists in Start-ups? Or are you even interested to found your own Start-up?

If so, you should join our upcoming Biotech Chat dedicated to Start-ups in Life Sciences – an event organized by the BioScience Network Lausanne (BSNL)!

>>> Register here

BSNL Biotech Chats are career and networking events where experts and peers can exchange their ideas and experiences in an informal setting. They offer a unique opportunity to get first-hand insights into various professions in Life Sciences, which may help to discover your own prospective career paths.

During this Biotech Chat on Start-ups you will have the opportunity to listen to the talks and network with the following two outstanding young entrepreneurs:

Yann Cotte, CEO and co-founder of Nanolive

Yann Cotte has obtained his PhD in Physics at the EPFL and co-founded Nanolive in 2013 as a Spin-off of EPFL. Nanolive pioneered the development of high resolution 3D microscopes for imaging of living cells, a technology which is used in many labs and companies worldwide. Nanolive won various prestigious prices including the “Swisscom Start-up Challenge 2016” and the “Industrial Design Award 2016” and is currently competing for the “Top100 Swiss Startup Award 2017”.

Ata Tuna Ciftlik, CEO and founder of Lunaphore

Ata Tuna Ciftlik has obtained his PhD in Biomedical Microsystemsat the EPFL and founded Lunaphore in 2014. Lunaphore is a Start-up company that is focused on personalized cancer medicine and successfully developed a tumor analysis platform for tissue diagnostics based on microfluids, which allows for faster and more precise immunohistochemistry assays. Lunaphore was awarded with the Venture Kick price 2015 and was invited to the Investor Summit 2017.

The event will take place on Tuesday, July 11 2017 from 18.30-20.00 in room CE1 100 at EPFL. Each Biotech Chat is followed by an apéro to give you a chance to discuss and network with the speakers and the participants.

For organizational reasons, please register here to attend the event.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

BiotechChat_Startups 11 July

BSNL Recommends: “Venturelab, 4th edition Academia-Industry Training”. Apply before June 25th!

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Venturelab is launching the 4th edition of the “Academia-Industry Training” (AIT) Program.

This program aims at supporting scientists in transforming their high-level applied research into market applications in Brazil or India. The one week “scientrepreneurs” camp will take place end of November 2017 and in Switzerland in April 2018. 

It is completely free and open to PhD student/ Master student/ Researcher linked to a Swiss academic institution with a high-level applied research. The winner earns a grant of 15’000 CHF that goes to the lab to continue its project!

Applications are open until June 25 here: