BSNL organize various events to explore career opportunities, acquire new skills, and develop a professional network. Our main events include:

The biggest Life Science career fair in the Romandie, co-organized with UNIL

The Life Science Career Day (LSCD) is a large-scale networking and career guidance event for students and young researchers in the field of life sciences to facilitate their access to their first job outside the university. It aims to help young scientists to discover, prepare for and get excited about career opportunities in industry and other organizations.

The event consists of lectures, workshops and round tables led by an experienced and renowned moderator, and much more! Indeed, the highlight of our event is the Networking Forum where company booths are presented. Participation in the Networking Forum is an excellent opportunity to promote your company and attract new talents from UNIL, EPFL, UNIGE and other Swiss universities. Hosting a booth will allow you to both increase your visibility and meet motivated and skilled graduates (including future graduates) who are eager to learn more about your company.

LSCD is organized by BSNL and University of Lausanne (UNIL), with our academic partners École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and University of Geneva (UNIGE), as well as with student partnering group SV-Industry EPFL.

The symposium aims to showcase scientific projects done in Swiss companies operating in life science and healthcare.

Since 2019, BSNL and Nestlé Research PhD students organize a science symposium Faces of Industrial Research (FIR). FIR aims to showcase scientific projects done in Swiss companies operating in life science and healthcare domains. During the event, scientists currently employed by Life Science and Healthcare companies as well as local start-ups, will showcase their scientific projects by giving short talks. Moreover, speakers will present their career paths, emphasising how they transitioned from academia to industry, before sharing more insights on their research topics.

The symposium will also include a networking, coffee break and apero where current PhD students and postdocs can share direct insights on research in industry.

Science communication to the general public

Are you passionate about science? Do you think it is your duty to share it with society? Do you love to entertain your family and friends with the latest scientific discovery or fun science facts? Would you like to challenge yourself and test your public speaking skills?

FameLab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world, and become the new face of science in Switzerland! The best participant will have the honor of representing Switzerland at the FameLab International final at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

The competition is open to everyone studying or working in STEM subjects (Life Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Social Sciences). Win over the crowd and the judges with an original 3-minute talk on a scientific topic of your choice. Be scientifically accurate, but clear and charismatic!

Informal get-togethers of industry experts and peers

Hard and soft skills training with qualified coaches

First-hand insights into pharma and biotech industries