Catalina Barceló.
Intern at Novartis Pharma AG (Pharmacometrics), Basel, Switzerland

“At BSNL I was part of a motivated group of students that work hard to create networking opportunities. I got to hone transferable skills, such as teamwork and event management, that I am convinced will help me in my future career development”

Allan Lamontanara. Ex BSNL’s President.
Now Scientist at AC Immune, Lausanne, Switzerland.

“I had an immense pleasure and a lot of fun at BSNL ! It allowed me to improve my communication and management abilities and above all to acquire a network I never would have thought possible during my PhD. I have now a clear knowledge of the job market after a PhD and what I want to do. Above all, I met great and motivated people and made new friends”

Zoltán Spiró.
Postdoctoral Fellow at IST Austria, Austriascreen-shot-2016-10-29-at-22-02-41

“Thanks to BSNL, I got to know about research happening outside of academia with good timing, so I had the proper knowledge to decide what would suit me best after my PhD.
I then stayed in academia.”

Eduardo Martin Moraud.
Postdoctoral Researcher at Oxford University, England


“Working for BSNL helped me connect with people and expand
my working perspectives and networking

Kid Kohl.
Technical Officer for Patient Safety and Quality at WHO, Egyptscreen-shot-2016-10-29-at-22-01-45

“The experience with BSNL was first of all a lot of fun for me. But also useful in the way that with the United Nation, the job interviews are competency based and when it comes to teamwork and event management, I often give BSNL experiences as examples.”

Yan Agalarov.
Market Access Analyst at Incyte Biosciences International Sàrl, Switzerland


“Time spent at BSNL was a very valuable experience for me. It helped me to learn more about Swiss biopharma scene and opportunities, which exist for graduates.”

Elena Menietti.
Postdoctoral Fellow at Roche Glycart, Switzerland


“Being a BSNL member helped me to understand that it is possible to change your field of expertise early in your career, and this brought me to try and apply for jobs that were not strictly related to molecular biology. Moreover, it helped me gain confidence and taught me that networking is the key of finding your dream job.”

Roman Bulushev.
Intern in Strategic Marketing at Merck, Germany


“BSNL allowed me to make a full list of opportunities available
after PhD and understand what I want through communication with people.”

Gabriela Ecco. Ex BSNL’s Secretary.
NGS Scientist at Sophia Genetics, Switzerland


“BSNL gave me the opportunity to improve several skills that you normally do not practice in academia, such as team work and managing people. Most importantly, BSNL has allowed me to create a broad network, which was one of the things that helped me find my current job.”

And many more:

  • Andrea Orioli PhD, Business Development Manager at CHUV, Switzerland
  • Devika Ashok, Immunology Scientist at Novartis, USA
  • Fatima Taki, PhD student at UNIL, Switzerland
  • Francesco Piraino, Research Scientist at EPFL, Switzerland
  • Leonor Rib, Graduated PhD from UNIL, Switzerland
  • Jonathan Sobel, Graduated PhD from EFPL, Switzerland
  • Juan Camilo Paredes, Research Scientist at EPFL, Switzerland
  • Kristina Woodruff, Graduated PhD from EPFL, Switzerland
  • Premnath Rajakannu, Field Application Scientist at Thermo Fisher, Germany
  • Qiuwen Lai, Graduated PhD student from UNIL, Switzerland
  • Samira Asgari, Postdoctoral Fellow at EPFL, Switzerland
  • Steffen Schuster, Market Access Manager at Pfizer, Switzerland
  • Theresia I. Yiallourou, Life Sciences & Biotechnology Professional at Omeros Corporation, USA
  • Vasco Campos, PhD student at EPFL
  • Vitaly Chicherov, Business Analyst at IMS health, Switzerland