Remember Exposure? This crazy adventure uniting scientists and artists to make films?

During 3 days of intense work but also a lot of fun and discoveries, 43 participants from all over Switzerland shared their expertise and produced for YOU 11 short films. They explain a scientific concept of their choice in a simple yet innovative way, avoiding jargon and obscure scientific terms while still being scientifically accurate.

On December 3rd, at Cinema Oblo in Lausanne, judges awarded the best film prize to The Resistance and Sun in a Box! The judges acknowledged the powerful message and the outstanding aesthetics of these films respectively.

On December 6th, at Cinema CityClub in Pully, more than 150 people watched the films for free and awarded the public prize to the film Jenna & DANBOT for its irresistible geeky humor!

If you missed the public showing or want to share these amazing films with family and friends, visit the Exposure Hackaton Youtube channel!

If you hadn’t enough of popular science, films from the 2016 event are also still available on YouTube! For more information you can also visit the official Exposure website.

And if you still want more, Exposure Science Film Hackathon will be back in 2018! Stay tuned!

Here you can watch the three winners’ video: