For Expedition, we bring together more than 6 industry sectors, 4 functional groups and 3 of our most innovative new delivery models (i.e. Advanced Analytics, Implementation, Digital). This allows you to experience the diversity of McKinsey and explore your opportunities. The clue of the event: Each participant can fully tailor the agenda and have an unique experience.

Here are the key facts Expedition 2018:

  • Select 3 out of 14 different workshops from our industry (e.g. Banking, Pharma, Transport & Logistics), functional (e.g. Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sustainability) and our new delivery models (e.g. Digital McKinsey, Implementation and Advanced Analytics).
  • Develop your personal skills and choose 2 out of 9 leadership trainings (e.g. Young Leaders Forum, Negotiation, SCRUM, and more).
  • Join three of McKinsey’s most senior leaders to learn more about their personal journey at McKinsey, what made them apply and stay as well as their plans for the future
  • Get the chance to meet more than 25 colleagues leading the workshops as well as deep-dive through 1-to-1 coaching.
  • Finally, build your professional and personal network with 100+ participants like yourself from all of Europe.
    Explore your opportunities at Expedition 2018 and find out how you can create your personal profile at McKinsey.

Register here: Expedition McKinsey.