BioScience Network Lausanne (BSNL), Innovation Forum Lausanne (IFL) and BaseLaunch are delighted to invite you to the roundtable event

From Bench to Market: How to launch a biotech startup”,  which will introduce you, young researchers and scientists-entrepreneurs
to the first steps in entrepreneurship and allow discussing more openly the important topics concerning company creation.

The event will take place at EPFL SV1717, on 1st June 2017, at 17.30h. The roundtable presentations and open discussions will cover the following topics:

  1. First steps in startup creation. You have your science-how to start? How to protect it? What are the alternatives to startup creation?
    Confirmed speakers:
    Lan Zuo Gillet, PhD MBA CTI Entrepreneurship Module 2 Program’s Director for Western Switzerland and Deputy Managing Director of EPFL Innovation Park Foundation.
    Dr. Kostas Kaloulis, Head of Applied Innovation & Business Development at EPFL
  1. Launching a startup. What kind of resources and advisors does one want and need?
    Confirmed speaker:
    Dr. Rajwinder Lehal, CSO and co-founder of Cellestia
  1. Getting your company to the next level. Where and how to get funding? Confirmed speaker:
    Alexander Mayweg FRSC, Venture Partner at Versant Ventures and BaseLaunch Selection Committee.

Please let us know if you would like to join this event by filling this form.

We are looking forward to welcoming yopu at the rountable and learning about opportunities in entrepreneurship together!