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Project Management for PhD students in Life Science – CUSO Workshop

Deadline to register: 3rd of March!

Project management is a valuable skill that can be applied right from the outset of doctoral research. Participants in this workshop learn how they can use their limited resources effectively. Ideally suited to the beginning of the research project, understanding the concepts and practices of project management and applying them to their doctoral thesis will help participants to guide the research process towards its completion, and to build vital skills for their future career.


  • Structuring projects in phases; designing work packages; setting milestones
  • Formulating project objectives (intermediate and final)
  • Planning project time and workload in detail
  • Project monitoring and controlling
  • Stakeholder analysis and information concept
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Project organisation: roles and responsibilities
  • Documenting projects
  • Project start and end


Friday 10.03.17: Room 340, AMPHIPOLE, UNIL Sorge
Fridays 17.03.17 & 31.03.17: Room 3174, ANTROPOLE, UNIL Dorigny

10 a.m. to 4h30 p.m., with 1 hour lunch break