Hi guys, you may remember that BSNL and TheCatalyst organized in early December

EXPOSURE: a 3-day scientific filmmaking event

This innovative event hosted participants, scientists and artists from around Switzerland, to collaborate and share skills combining science, art and communication.
The final goal was to make short films on scientific subjects with the purpose of helping people engage with and understand science.

At Cinema Oblo the judges assigned the best film award to two films, which were extremely close in scoring as well as fulfilling the event aims perfectly.

Simply Science recently published an interview to the two winner teams, you can read the full text (FR) by clicking here: Silence, on tourne un film scientifique!

Click on the images below to watch the videos of the interviewed winner teams:

captureThe short film Carbon Capture Storage received the jury prize (ex-aequo with Quorum Sensing, see below). It is centered on stockage of atmospheric CO2 into rocks. It was realized by the équipe “Cut it out”: Floor van den Heuvel, Houda Tadlaoui, Rachel Nisbet et Gaël Monney.
capture2The short film Quorum Sensing received the jury prize (ex-aequo with Carbon Capture Storage) and the public price (ex-aequo with Better together). Quorum Sensing is centered on communication within bacteria. The team working at it, The self organized, comprises: Ivan Diaz, Morgane Frund, Gamze Gulez et Laurent Rohrbasser.

You should definitely check out also the other videos!
Just click here to the: Exposure Hackaton Youtube channel

For more information you can also visit the official Exposure website.

Stay tuned for 2017th edition!