BSNL encourages you to participate in the LS2 ANNUAL MEETING 2016 in Lausanne

When: 15 –16 FEBRUARY, 2016

Where: UNIVERSITY OF LAUSANNE Amphimax / Amphipôle

At this meeting, LS² will bring together Swiss Life Scientists from academic backgrounds as well as our industry partners with researchers from all across Europe to explore the large spectrum of “Interdisciplinary Sciences”. Discover the latest, most exciting findings in the field of Chemical Biology over Synthetic Biology to Proteomics and “Classic” Molecular and Cell Biology (and many more), discuss opportunities and challenges of the Swiss Research funding system and the life beyond academia in non-academic professions, and be a part of the emotional debate on careers of men and women in the Life Sciences.

Preliminary program (pdf):

  • Scientific Symposia
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Industry Exhibition
  • Poster Session
  • Awards

Key Speakers:

  • Grieneisen / John Innes Centre, UK
  • Mahadevan / Harvard University, USA
  • Schroeder / Cornell University, USA
  • Discher / Pennsylvania State University, USA

More information and registration: