Are you interested in getting an insight into Jobs in Core Facilities? Would you like to be able to talk to experienced people and get tips on how to build your career?

So you should join us on our next BSNL Biotech Chat! Come have a drink with us and chat with our guests and colleagues. It is a great opportunity to learn from experienced people and network!

Our theme this month is working in Core Facilities and our guests are:

Keith Harshman, Head of the Genomics Tecnologies Facility, Unil. Keith has a PhD in Biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Following post doctoral fellowships, he joined Myriad Genetics Inc., then moved to the National Biotechnology Center in Madrid as the Head of the Functional Genomics Unit, and he has been the Coordinator of the Genomic Technologies Facility (GTF) of Unil since 2002.

Jonathan Paz Montoya, Research Assistant of the Proteomics Core Facility, EPFL. Jonathan is a chemist and mass spectrometry specialist working at Proteomics Core Facility at EPFL. He has three master degrees in Analytical Chemistry, in Forensic Chemistry and in Proteomics and Bioinformatics. After ten years of experience in development of analytical methods, his interests lie in the field of proteomics and lipidomics.

When? Oct 28th at 7pm

Where? At EPFL SV hall

Places are limited so please fill in the doodle:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!