19 00, April 14th 2015, cafe Tech a break

Natalia Giovannini, Technology Transfer Manager at EPFL. Natalia has a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Geneva, and currently works with technology transfer from university to industry.

Zhenyu Xu, CTO of Sophia Genetics. Zhenyu is a microbiologist with a PhD in Genetics at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. After his postdoctoral research, he joined Sophia as the Director of Bioinformatics and has overseen the company’s product growth and improvement.

Mehdi Jacques Aminian, Webentrepreneur and Technology Transfer Manager at EPFL. Mehdi co-founded Jilion, the creator of the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 Video player framework, acquired by Dailymotion in 2013. He was also a founder and co-founder of two other startups (Singularis and Sente), and he works at EPFL in the Tech Transfer group.