If you haven’t followed us or Dmitry on twitter (shame on you!), here is a brief summary of the Science Festival that took place earlier this month in Cheltenham.

Dmitry, our national winner took part in the last round of International Semi-finals.


Thanks to his incredible performance (video) he got selected to the International Final!

Thus, he only had 24 hours to prepare a new talk to amaze jury and public!
He introduced us Boris, the crazy cat infected with Toxoplasma, and Mr Mouse who was driven to love Boris by the evil toxoplasma. Watch his hilarious and full of revelation talk here
. In the end, Dmitry and Boris didn’t win, and the first place for FameLab International 2018 was awarded to Siti Khayriyyah Binti Mohd Hanafiah from Malaysia (watch here).

Nevertheless, we are very proud we contributed to send Dmitry to Cheltenham and have him representing Switzerland!

His impressions:

“This FAMELAB journey was like a storm: from knowing absolutely nothing about it to representing Switzerland in the very FINAL ROUND and being among the TOP 12 contestants of the WORLD’s BEST SCIENCE COMMUNICATION COMPETITION!
From ground to the TOP in just 2 months!!! HELL of a RIDE!

This was an incredible journey, where I learned a lot of science facts, gained plenty of skills and most importantly met lots and lots of extremely talented and brilliant people!
This is a true gift and the prize for being a FAMELABER (ehhh, what a word?…:-) ) THANK YOU FameLab International, FameLab Switzerland, Loroch CTLS, BioScience Network Lausanne, reatch and Université de Lausanne!

I want to thank all my friends, family and colleagues who supported me!
I believe that SCIENCE is FUN and that’s the WAY to COMMUNICATE it!
I chose to speak about parasites, not only because I work with them, but also because parasites always have stories to tell and I hope I told them nicely. And this is not the end, it is just a beginning…”

True to his word, since then Dmitry went back on stage for the anniversary of his Department of Biochemistry of the Université de Lausanne! Something tells us that we should follow him for more great sci. comm.!